An introduction to chinese massage

A slice of healthy habits

One of the oldest medicine schools is represented by Chinese traditional healthcare. Developed during centuries, improved from generation to generation, this kind of medicine represents the culture, civilization and beliefs of a nation who faced lots of changes and influences. Built around the principle that chi, the vital energy which flows inside the body from meridian to meridian through different channels, is the main responsible of the well-being of a person, Chinese medicine tried to figure out methods to assure the best circulation of chi between the points corresponding to important organs and systems. This is how Chinese massage was born. Sensual Manchester Escorts.

Despite the evolution of humanity and doubts and questions raised by the modern world, Chinese people have kept their beliefs wherever they traveled or moved. After mass-media started to share pieces of Chinese culture through martial arts movies, it became a trend to subscribe to a martial arts school and to discover and understand the principles of being in equilibrium with yourself and with nature. This was the moment when traditional healthcare which implies a holistic way of treating the person had a boom all around the world, especially in big cities as United Kingdom’s capital, Chinese outcall massage London becoming a must, especially among young or wealthy people.

Known for its priceless effects, LONDON CHINESE MASSAGE is the option which everyone choose for maintaining their bodies young, flexible, healthy. Not only physical effects make this massage one of the most popular ones, but also the psychological ones. It is known that nowadays stress is our biggest enemy, having terrible effects on both body and mind. From destroying our immunity system, influencing hormones secretion, increasing blood pressure and causing heart problems that can become fatal to burnout syndrome, depression or anxiety, this silent killer is almost impossible to be avoided and difficult to get rid of, and because its level is directly proportional to the dimension of the city you live in, London is full of stressed people. Weekly appointments for a chinese erotic massage London can ease the problem, the techniques applied by the masseur relaxing the receiver by helping muscles to get rid of the tension they accumulated during work, stimulating blood and lymph circulation or exciting nervous terminations situated under the skin and increasing the release of endorphins.

Because of the busy schedule we have at work and the fast pace of living our lives we basically have no time left for sports, this causing joint and back problems. LONDON CHINESE MASSAGE, by its rotations, abducting and adducting actions increase the flexibility of articulations. These movements and techniques are a consequence of yoga and martial arts which influenced and improved this therapy. Because of the total relaxation of the body and the better oxygenation of tissues, the patient will feel free of anxiety, having an increased self esteem and a lot more energy than before starting this therapy. The results of combining massage with diet and exercises will be seen both in private life as well as at work. It’s not cheap to embrace and maintain this lifestyle, but the investment will come back to you in so many ways you will never regret you made this step to a better life.